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Centerfire Rifle ammo in Canada

Some of the different center fire ammo types available for sale in Canada. Ammunition can be confusing; so ensure the ammo you are looking for is the calibre stamped on the barrel of rifle you are using. Never use inappropriate ammo in a rifle.
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Below is the short list for the many different calibers of centrefire rifle ammo:



Centrefire ammo has a primer in the centre of the cartridge that a rifle strikes with a center firing pin (which results in a bullet being fired). It is the most popular broad category of ammo and it powers nearly every modern high powered rifle. A huge advantage to centrefire for the budget conscious - is that it is reloadable. You will be able to buy Canadian ammunition on this website as soon as we have it and can sell it. Safety note: be sure you have the same ammo that is marked on the barrel of the rifle (stamped). Sometimes the wrong type will fit, but could cause serious injury!

5.56 ammo: different types: Ball, Tracer, Dummy, Blank ammo, Tracer and SRTA.

Ammunition Dealer.

As Previously mentioned, Canada guns is working furiously to be able to sell ammo in Canada. The different makers of centerfire ammo that we intend to stock are: Winchester, Remington, Federal, CSA, FN, CSI, CIL and more. Naturally, offering all the different types of ammo mentioned on this page is a Herculean task that we will try to accomplish. Do not be disappointed when we are not able to offer every single calibre - as much of it has been discontinued, is not available to civilians or is unavailable in Canada.

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