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Crosman Phantom Canada

The Crosman Phantom is a break action pellet air rifle that attains a muzzle velocity up to 1000fps. It is one of Crosman's more popular offerings in Canada.


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On this page will will discuss the Phantom 1000 and 1000X in great detail and attempt to offer it for sale. Baring that, we hope to be able to offer you a link to a good resource for purchasing this air gun in Canada.

Crosman Phantom 1000 for sale

The Phatom is a .177 calibre, break action pellet rifle that is extremely popular in Canada. We hope to offer it for sale in the near future. It boasts a muzzle velocity up to 1000 FPS making it a PAL required rifle in Canada. It is touted for hunting and target shooting and should definately be considered an adult airgun.

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