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Gamo Airguns in Canada

Gamo is one of the premier makers of Airguns, Ammunition (pellets) and air accessories in the world. We hope to be your online Canadian destination for Gamo information and sales in Canada.


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On the page below, we will be discussing all aspects of this fine airgun & accessories manufacturer.

Gamo Airguns for Sale

Gamo makes a large number high quality air rifles and air pistols chambered in both BB, .177 pellet, and .22 pellet. They make highly accurate rifles of different qualities and prices that are propelled by Co2, Spring (break barrel pump) and Pre-Charges Pneumatic (PCP),

Gamo Air Rifles

Gamo makes a number of Air Rifles. Most come standard with an air rifle scope and most are very high velocity air guns intended for adult use. In Canada, almost every Gamo airgun required a PAL, POL to purchase (given that a firearm in Canada is defined by the muzzle velocity and not the action or ammunition).

Gamo Air Pistols

While perhaps more famous for their air rifles, Gamo makes a number of Co2 powered semi-automatic air pistols. Some fire BBs and some fire pellets. The come in several calibres and you will find one that is intended for pro target shooters. The list below attempts to give you some info about them. All below are Co2 except the target pistol.

Gamo Ammunition

Gamo makes a huge variety of high performance lead and non-lead pellets and BBs in various calibres.

Non-Lead Ammo: These pellets use a non-lead alloy for generally higher velocity, less impact on the environment and increases personal safety (since lead is poisonous).

Brands of .177 Calibre Non-Lead PBA ammo :

Brands of .22 Calibre Non Lead Ammo from Gamo:

Brands of .25 Calibre Non Lead Ammunition::

Gamo Lead Ammo: These pellets are generally cheaper and lower velocity, but are still of a very high quality.

.177 Calibre Lead Pellets - Standard velocity

.177 Calibre Lead Pellets - High velocity

These are generally much higher velocity and more accurate. Intended for serious hunting and target shooting.

.22 calibre and .25 calibre lead ammo. Most of the above types of ammunition come in .22 and .25 calibres as well.

Other Ammo

Gamo also makes Round Pellets (BBs) in .177 and .22 and pellet shotshells (in .22 cal).

Gamo Scopes

Gamo also make a wide variety of scopes, sights and laser red dot sights for airguns. You can check them out on Gamo's website.