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Daisy Air guns

Daisy produces many excellent BB guns from 1882 all the way until present time. From that point on, Daisy was known for their very affordable BB guns. The Red Ryder Model, which is still produced even to this date. These BB guns fire at low velocity and are targeted for children in the age of ten and older.


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On contrary to the spring BB guns produced a more effective, more powerful, and more accurate models that were targeted for 16 years of age and older. These power rifles are capable of shooting at a far greater velocity then their younger counterparts.

Powerline pistols are multishot double action designs that were powered by Co2 powerlets. BB models are often smoothbore, while pellets have rifled barrels.

However, Daisy’s “most powerful” creation model 499, is labeled as the world’s most accurate gun. However the 499 does have an unusual model, having only muzzleloading spring airgun. Even though it’s labeled as the world’s most accurate gun, the 499 is often used by boy scouts.

Daisy was also the first company ever to produce caseless ammunition and the V/L rifle in 1968. However, only around 20,000 units of V/L rifles were produced because Daisy decided to discontinue production rather than becoming a firearms manufacturer.

Daisy at first started in Plymouth, Michigan but then later on moved to Arkansas. To this day, Daisy still produces many BB guns and sells them in the US, Canada, Mexico, and so on. Their guns are used in every part of the country whether it being in the military, boy scouts, police training, etc.