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Crosman Airguns Canada

Crosman is perhaps the largest maker of airguns (rifles and pistols) in the United States and perhaps the highest selling manufacturer in Canada.


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On this page we will be discussing and perhaps offering for sale, various Crossman air products.

About Crossman

Crosman has been manufacturing airguns since the 1920s. They first incorporated co2 into airguns in the 30s. They have made an endless number of airguns targeted primarily at youths, but more recently also at hunters and adult target shooters. Today, through partnerships, they even make airguns under the licensed Marlin & Remington brands.

Buy Crosman Airguns

We plan on becoming Canada's premier online dealer of Crosman products. Check back to this page often as we hope to soon be able to stock Crosman airguns and accessories (including PAL class firearms!). We try to provide basic information about all the guns listed below. If we have written a more in-depth article, click the name as it will be hyperlinked to it.

Crosman Air rifles

The following category is broken up (due to the number of guns crosman makes) by action. The following rifles are currently (as of time of writing) list for sale on Crosman's website.

Break Barrel Spring Airguns
Pneumatic Air Rifles

Crosman makes a number of pneumatic powered air rifles. Some are pre-charged ie. you fill them with a compressed air tank, whereas some are merely pump powered.


Pump Pneumatic

Co2 Air Rifles

Crosman Air Pistols

Crosman Ammo

Crosman makes a variety of flat head, wadcutter, pointed lead airgun ammo under their standard brand name.

In addition, they have a premier line which offers different calibres (.22), hollow point lead ammo, target and heavier ammo.

They also manufacture Remington and Benjamin Ammo as well as copperhead BBs (which probably every reader of this article have used). If you are searching for elite, high velocity ammo, to the best of my knowledge Crosman does not make this. You would be better off reading our Gamo page.

Other Crossman: Scopes, Safety

In addition to guns and ammo, crossman also makes many different scopes, protective equipment, supplies parts and other airgun gear.

Crosman Airsoft