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Beeman Airguns

Beeman is yet another American airgun manufacturer. Based in California, they are highly regarded for their spring piston air rifles and air pistols. Some of their more expensive "match" rifles are used by competitors and have been used to win Olympic medals. Today you can find many of their fine weapons in Canadian shops. We hope to be one of them!


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Beeman Pellet Guns

Beeman makes several semi-popular airguns.

Beeman's line of Sporting air rifles

Match Pellet Rifles: These are used for competition. Regarded for accuracy and for serious air gun shooters (often those who are competitive). Several of these guns have be used to win Olympic medals.

Beeman Air Handguns

"Sporting" air pistols

Again, like rifles, these seem to be all spring piston (except one)

Match Air pistols