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Air Gun Ammunition

There many different types ammunition (ammo) available for Air guns. Quite obviously, an air gun, or any type of gun would be useless if it had no ammo. Knowing the different types of ammo is a must.
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The one of many types of bullets are field points pellets. These types of bullets are deep pointy shaped, thus making them ideal for deep penetration. These types of ammo are the best choice for hunters, or for pest control since they’re almost guaranteed to kill its target with its shape. The field points pellets are ideal for air guns 850fps and under.

Target pellets are ideal for long ranged shootings due to their flat fronts shaped. So because of this, they’re the perfect ammo to use when target practicing, or chasing a target distant from you.

Hollow point pellets is a bit different from the first two ammos. First off, on impact, these pellets cause a shock-like impact that is good for field use. Also, its head will expand thus enabling them to create larger holes, but penetration and speed will not be as fast.

Round-head pellets are one of the best ammos to have. These ammos are good for any use in any particular environment. Overall, they’re balanced speed, penetration, and impact. These pellets are usually used for rifles.

So now that you know more about the different types of pellets, you can now choose your ammos correctly for your air guns. Purchasing these ammos will not be a problem as they are available anywhere in your local stores. So individuals living outside the U.S in countries such as Canada, or Mexico will not have a problem finding these pellets. (Prices vary)