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We are your source online for Canadian air gun information, sales and accesories.

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Air guns have been popular since before you were a kid, but recently they have become more serious. While you can still get a Daisy lever action Red Rider for the little one in your life, there are now more "adult" airguns available. With muzzle velocity FPS approaching 3000, some of these airguns are extremely lethal hunting weapons. There are hundreds of air rifles for sale on the market that are classified as firearms and require a PAL to purchase in Canada.

If you came here looking for AirSOFT guns, a different sport & weapon altogether, please follow this link to our Air Soft Homepage. If you're looking for pellet and BB guns, look no further than this page.

Canadian Air Gun Shop

We are working to establish an online retailer of airguns in Canada. We hope to be able to sell to you airguns of all shapes and sizes in the near term. We can give you recommendations whether you are hunting large varmit or just plinking at cans in the yard. Give you selection on a first gun for a kid or a high powered competitive target shooter for Dad.


Accesories for Air guns

Airgun Manufacturers

There are several major air gun manufacturers who create different guns for different niches. Each has a very different product line and I have owned guns, personally, made by each with differing degrees of personal satisfaction. Air guns can be broken into two broad classes: Pellet Guns and BB Guns

Gamo: makes a number of airguns. I personally have owned many of their high velocity spring loaded hunting/target shooting guns and I can swear by their accuracy, price and muzzle velocity. They also make very popular Gamo Sport and Gamo Match varieties of ammo

Daisy: is a very old maker of generally simple, budget airguns. Their Red Ryder BB gun is a perrenial favorite amongst youngsters and will likely continue to be for ages to come. It was perhaps immortalized in the movie "Christmas Story" in the 1980s

Crosman: has a huge variety of airguns and ammunition. Problably the largest manufacturer of air rifles and ammunition in Canada. They also make targets and many other airgun accessories.

Beeman: manufactures a large number of sporting and match air rifles, pistols, and many accessories. The vast majority of their guns are intended for "adult use" and use spring piston, break action firing mechanism. Some will require a PAL. They are based out of California.

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