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Pellet Guns in Canada

Pellet guns are generally the more lethal and higher velocity/accuracy iteration of air guns. They are mass produced by companies like Gamo and Crosman and are very popular in Canada.


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Pellet guns are generally considered to be more so in comparison to BB guns, but are much less lethal than firearms (though some are classified as such under Canadian laws). They fire small pointed or flatened lead or alloy projectiles that are manufactured in .177, .22 and .25 calibres (among other more oddball ones).

Pellet guns have gained a certain distinction seperate from BB guns. In reality, BBs are just spherical pellets, but because people make this distinction, we will as well. This article is about pellet guns in Canada specifically. If you are looking for a more general page regarding air guns (which include BB guns as well), check out the link.

Pellet Gun Store

We are going to be able to sell your pellet guns in our online store. It is a goal of ours to do so and we hope to be able to do it very very soon.

Pellet Rifles

Pellet Rifles are very popular for hunting small game and varmit and target shooting in Canada and they are only becoming more so. Some of the more recent offerings by Gamo and to a lesser extent Crosman have been highly lauded for their sheer power and accuracy.

These are not your father's pellet guns. Some recent advances have allowed these guns to fire in velocities of 1400 FPS +. This has lead to the classification of many of these guns as non-restricted - meaning that you need a firearms license to obtain them in Canada. Many of these scoped pellet rifles are used competitively in shooting competitions they are so accurate.

One example of a high powered Crossman example is the Crosman Phantom 1000.

Pellet Handguns

Pellet handguns, like BB handguns, are generally co2 powered and semi-automatic in action. Also like Co2 handguns, they are most often very very innacurate - often far more so then even very low powered real life firearm handguns.

About Pellet Guns in Canada

Pellet guns come in several different general classes. There are break action spring models (the most common and popular) - these are generally cheaper to buy, to charge and to shoot and very powerful and accurate. The drawback is the very slow reload time. The other types are Co2 gas powered and Pneumatic (including Pre Charged Pneumatic). Gas powered rifles use disposable Carbon Dioxide containers to propel the projectiles. This makes them more expensive to shoot, but allows you to shoot faster (semi automatic) and have magazines and a gas powered action.