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BB Guns in Canada

BB Guns are and have been a very popular alternative to real firearms for decades in Canada. They come in the form of BB pistols and BB rifles and are considered to be a type of air gun along with pellet guns.


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BB guns are a great way to introduce adolecents to the responsibility of owning and maintaining a firearm safely and they're great fun for adults too! If you're looking for general articles on: Air guns. BBs are generally less accurate then pellet, but in reality are just a form of pellet (though most people seem to make a distinction). Since, what we call pellets have a shape that allows them to fly better through the air, they get better accuracy.

BB Guns for Sale in Canada

We plan on becoming Canada's largest online retailer of BB guns and other air powered guns. Once we are able to, we will have them for sale here in our online store.

More about BB Guns

BB guns are generally used for non-lethal plinking and target shooting. They aren't normally very accurate given the ball shape of the ammunition used. If you are looking for air powered guns that have higher accuracy and power for hunting or other usages, then BB guns may not be the thing for you. You may instead be interested in their closely related cousin, the Pellet gun. You should also keep in mind that many BB guns are also pellet guns. This is due to the fact that they are both technically pellets of a different shape and they are most often produced in .177 calibre.

BB Handguns

There are many different makers of BB Handguns who sell their products in Canada. If we have written an article about one of these BB pistol producers, you will find it here. Most BB handguns are semi-automatic, co2 powered and quite innacurate. What they lack in accuracy, they make up for in fun. That being said, there are a number of PCP and single shot pump powered handguns.

One of the largest producers of BB guns, ammo, propellant and accessories in Canada is Crossman. You can read about them at the link. BB Pistol Articles: Crossman 2240

BB Rifles

BB rifles are much less common than their pellet rifle cousins. Often some air guns touted as pellet guns can also fire BBs, but, other than potential cost savings, we can't imagine why you would chose to use BBs instead of pellets. Some semi-automatic or fully auto air rifles do fire BB's. Makers like Gamo do not make many BB guns, but Crosman does make a few.

Since BB rifles are generally regarded as childrens toys (due to their lower levels of lethality and low muzzle velocity), they are usually marketed as such. The best and most classic example of the quintensential kid's BB rifle is the Daisy Red Ryder. It has been around for ages and millions of them have been produced. Read our article about them for more details and purchasing info. Note: we have been requested in the past for articles on how to make a bb gun. This is dangerous, we will not reply to these.

Some BB rifles are stylized to look like very popular guns like the AK-47, the M16, p90, mp5. Some of these guns are prohibited in Canada and hard to acquire, so this might be part of the draw.

BB Gun Accesories Store

There are many BB gun accesories available including: scopes, targets, carrying cases, co2 cartridges, ammunition (BBs .177, .22, .20) and many others. We hope to be offering these soon. Thanks for reading.