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Welcome to Canada Guns. We are your Online source for firearms in Canada! We try to provide you with the information you need about any model of gun, any caliber of ammo, or any gun manufacturer and we do this with a unique Northern flavor. You just won't find what we offer here on foreign gun sites. We strive to have a complete database on every gun ever made and we intend to sell every gun we legally can! Canada StocksBrokers Investing

We also attempt to give you a proper valuation for your guns (or point you in the right direction to find it). Feel free to navigate our many sections and check out what we have to offer. Use the menu at the top or the bottom of the page to find what you are interested in. <

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Our rates are highly competitive, so be sure to contact us today. If you found us, others will! And when they find us they will find you from your ad. Why not advertise with our gun site? We are now reaching over 30,000 Canadians a month. That is a lot of people eager to buy your guns and other sporting goods! Gun Dealer

We are working furiously to become a Canadian seller of guns. We will have every type of gun imaginable for sale as well as ammo, hunting supplies, outdoor supplies and other items on this page as soon as possible. As a gun dealer in Canada, we expect to surpass gun sales of any and every leading retailer of Canadian guns. We are based in Ontario, but we will service every province from British Columbia, to Quebec, to Alberta, to Manitoba. We will also provide services en French so that the arms needs of francophones will also be met. We are proudly Canadian and we will eventually be a licensed Canadian dealer of PAL non-restricted firearms, ammunition, and RPAL class restricted guns. Hopefully, we will also sell replica and deactivated prohibited guns, as well. This will be the go-to Canadian gun store Online. So bookmark us today and check back often as we will hopefully soon have everything you deserve.

Notes about Online Retailing

We will be a gun dealer that is based in Ontario. However, we are predominantly a Canadian Online gun retailer. This means that we see and ship out guns Online; you will get your gun quickly, efficiently and with great enthusiasm from our staff. We will be a Canadian Gun store that will cater to Canadian Hunters and other gun enthusiasts. We will also sell firearm accessories and hunting provisions.

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Article: The most popular gun in Canada is probably the Remington 870 shotgun.

Firearms information and a Future Online Gun Store Canada Guns .ca. Dominion

Steyr Aug a hard gun to get in Canada

Updates Section:

August 2017: We've updated many of our sections

Jan 2017: We've updated many of our sections and corrected many errors forwarded to us by our users. We are very grateful for these updates and, even if we did not reply to your correction, we happily tried to implement it.

Jan 2016: another update. We're hoping to do a total redesign of our site very soon!

April 2014: we've added quite a few new gun articles. Be sure to check them out!

Aug 2013: do you know any gun dealers that want to participate in an affiliates program? Drop us a line to let us know.

Feb 2013: Sorry for the lack of updates. We hope to have something major and gun-related up soon.

Sept 2012: Glad to no longer have to register guns!

February 2012: Looks like the long gun registry has been repealed (almost)!

January 2012: We should put up a progress meter to denote what we're working on soon. We are very excited about developments in Ottawa. We could soon be seeing an end to the long gun registry! :)

October 2011: Sorry for the lack of gun updates. We're working on something big!

March 2011: Finding distributors with decent prices is tough, but we are working on it.

Jan 2011: We are finally on the verge of being licensed to sell guns in Canada. Look for major changes to the site soon. Thanks for bearing with us through this difficult process.

Dec 2010: We are getting 25,000 visitors per month now! Thanks gun owners for your support. we are trying to become a distributor of guns in Canada that will be selling firearms at wholesale prices. We will keep you posted in the near term.

Oct 20, 2010: New Template. Still working furiously to sell you guns in the Dominion

Aug 28, 2010: Congratulations to our 10 most popular gun cities: Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Dartmouth, Saskatoon, London, Victoria, Halifax, Kelowna! Keep us your #1 source for firearms in Canada.

June 10, 2010: Looking for affiliates for our Canadian gun link exchange program. Let us know

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Jan 10, 2010: We need gun experts to contribute. Drop us a line.

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Oct 10, 2009: Welcome to our new site. Please bear with us while we iron out the kinks